News: LogicLogicMagic launches tech-focused creative agency

Today, LogicLogicMagic, the tech-focused creative marketing agency, has launched.

Co-founded by Managing Partner, Sinead Woodley and Creative Partner, Alistair Ross, LogicLogicMagic utilises psychology, marketing technology and creativity to cultivate audience visibility and drive growth for tech companies. 

One of LogicLogicMagic's first assignments was to create the campaign for the 2020 B2B Marketing Awards. 

Alistair said: “B2B Marketing is a rich, multi-faceted discipline and we wanted to showcase that in the most imaginative, dramatic way. ‘Join the Giants of B2B’ portrays multiple aspects of the industry with drama, reverence and fun. It’s an unmistakably LogicLogicMagic idea but also bang on brand for B2B Marketing’s flagship event.”

James Farmer, co-founder of B2B Marketing agrees: “We’d lost our way perhaps, over recent years, with our awards brand, but LogicLogicMagic captured how strongly we feel about the B2B Marketing Awards with this bold, imaginative campaign. They proved you can create magic on a budget, whilst staying very close to our brand and core proposition. New blood and energy is great for our sector, particularly at this time, and I can see LogicLogicMagic quickly progressing to become one of the pacesetters within the B2B marketing industry.”

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