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NEWS: Love My Vouchers launches ‘Whack-a-Cutts’

Following the success of Donkey Cutts, a recently released SEO game based on the famous Donkey Knog, Love My Vouchers has launched a new game allowing SEOs to take out frustrations on Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts.

Named ‘Whack-a-Cutts’, the game is a take on the classic whack-a-mole format, with Google's head of web spam playing the part of the unfortunate mole.

Matt Cutts recently said: "You never want to play whack-a-mole with a spammer". This comment inspired the staff at Love My Vouchers to make their own game to help frustrated SEOs across the globe. 

Andrew Firth, director of Love My Vouchers, said "This game is just a light-hearted bit of fun, but there is no hiding from that fact that SEOs and Webmasters face a more difficult task than before due to Google's ever changing guidelines and updates."

The company also believe that if Google's updates are getting to you, then hopefully Whack-a-Cutts can help to reduce your stress levels a bit, if only for a minute or two.