NEWS: Majority of brands lack editorial guidelines

Sixty-three per cent of B2B organisations do not have content guidelines in place, according to recent research carried out by B2B Marketing.

This is a worrying statistic considering 71 per cent of marketers agree content is ‘critical’ to the success of their marketing activities.

Without these guidelines in place brands risk producing substandard content as well as devaluing their brand voice and destroying house style.

With marketing taking the lead when it comes to content it is up to this department to take control and publish an editorial style guide to ensure consistency. 

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, commented on the findings: “The benefits of producing a basic style guide are obvious: it helps with brand consistency, tone of voice and also with the clarity of messages shared.

 “Constructed carefully, such guidelines should enable greater collaboration, empowering more colleagues to contribute to the content marketing process.”