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NEWS: Managing multiple vendors revealed as major pain point for marketers

Marketers are spending an astounding amount of time managing multiple vendors in order to synchronise their channel communication, a study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing has revealed.

Of the 250 marketers surveyed, 21 per cent spend more than 15 hours every week coordinating their technology and service providers. 

Some 28 per cent of marketers manage seven or more technology vendors and service providers to support their multiple communication channels and media efforts, while 72 per cent work with six or less vendors.

Over half of marketers use six or more outbound channels to interact and connect with their customers. Another 21 per cent of respondents use more than 10 outbound marketing channels.

“Marketers are faced with a unique challenge,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

“With more and more niche marketing vendors providing channel-specific solutions, it is imperative, more so than ever, for marketers to be selective about which vendor, or possibly vendors, they work with in order to ensure their customers are receiving a seamless cohesive brand and message experience through each marketing channel, across all facets of the lifecycle stage.”