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NEWS: Manchester United announce partnership with HCL Technologies

Manchester United have announced a partnership with IT services company HCL Technologies.

It will be the club’s first official digital transformation partner and they hope the initiative will drive forward fan engagement.

As part of the partnership, HCL will create a state of the art technology hub within the team’s Old Trafford stadium to establish a unified supporter experience and set a benchmark for digital interaction in the sporting world.

Anant Gupta, president and CEO at HCL, said: “With enterprises facing an explosion of digital content and experience interfaces there is a growing need for a partner who can orchestrate these value chains and harness them for business benefits.

“Our partnership will enable HCL to create and manage these digital assets at a scale which will make it a prototype for successful digital co-innovation in any industry/organisation in the world. We are very excited to be part of this partnership that aims to pioneer the 21st century enterprise experience.”