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NEWS: Marketers are out of touch with DM

Marketers are unaware of the power of direct mail (DM), a new report by Ricoh and the DMA has highlighted.

New technological developments have meant DM can work harder for brands; however, the majority of marketers seem unaware of these advances.

When 100 cross-channel marketers were asked to predict what innovations would enhance the effectiveness of mail, 98 per cent said 'better personalisation' and 68 per cent stated 'image personalisation'. The report argues that both of these innovations have been possible for at least a decade by integrating the print and digital techniques.

Barriers to using mail varied, with 43 per cent blaming expense, while 14 per cent worried about its association with 'junk'.

Meanwhile, marketers rated DM highly for its effectiveness and good ROI.

Report author David Reed explained integrated marketers can close the measurement gap between physical media and digital channels by using trackable response mechanisms. He said: “The future for advertising mail within integrated marketing lies in the wider adoption of these techniques – 72 per cent of marketers expect more innovation to integrate this channel with digital media and 58 per cent are looking to innovations like embedded video to enhance the impact of mailings."