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NEWS: Marketers dissatisfied with their lead gen performance

Only 37 per cent of marketers are satisfied with the return on their demand generation activities, according a new report published by B2B Marketing.

Twenty-one per cent reported being actively dissatisfied with their returns, while 28 per cent were ‘neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’ with their lead generation activities.

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, said: “The is a great deal of variety in terms of how satisfied B2B marketers are with the returns they are seeing from their demand generation activities.

“The organisations most satisfied are almost certainly the ones embracing technology, inbound marketing and a joined-up approach to demand gen. Those still doing things as they always have are likely to the among the less happy marketers.”

The findings are drawn from a research project carried out by B2B Marketing in partnership with Ledger Bennett DGA and marketing automation provider Marketo, looking at the sophistication of demand generation activity in B2B.