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NEWS: Marketers remain cautious of big data

Marketers remain cautious of big data with only 51 per cent completely trusting the data that comes out of their own department and even less (38 per cent) having complete faith in any data that comes from their communications team, according to a recent study commissioned by Hotwire.

This is despite 95 per cent of the 100 senior marketing professionals surveyed believing their organisation is equipped to extract meaningful insights from the data it collects.

Over half (51 per cent) said their principle use of data is to inform future plans and strategies. But only one in four marketers primarily use PR and social media data to analyse the success of past campaigns.

Brendon Craigie, CEO of Hotwire, said: “Measurement has to be at the heart of every campaign. But measurement on its own, without a current understanding of the audience, the competition and the landscape just isn’t enough.

“Marketers are now waking up to the real benefits of data – not simply using it reactively to measure performance, but gaining invaluable insight at the planning stage to ensure campaign success from the outset – and then all the way through to completion. That is true measurement at its best.”