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NEWS: Marketers struggling with video content despite recognising its impact

B2B marketers feel video marketing is helping them achieve important objectives, yet they are still facing a number of challenges, according to research by Ascend2.

The global survey revealed marketers in the B2B sector are employing video content to meet a number of goals.

Of those surveyed, 60 per cent said video marketing was ‘somewhat successful’ in achieving objectives, while 25 per cent felt it was ‘very successful.’

When asked what were the most challenging video marketing obstacles they faced, 48 per cent of respondents cited a lack of effective strategy as the main stumbling block.

A further 40 per cent felt a lack of compelling content was holding them back, followed closely by inadequate video budget (39 per cent) and lack of production resources (38 per cent).

The majority of respondents recognised the importance of video marketing, with only 12 per cent stating it was ‘somewhat unsuccessful’ and a mere three per cent alleging it was ‘very unsuccessful.’