NEWS: Marketing manager voted 'best job in UK'

Marketing manager has been voted the best job role in the UK for 2015, according to a report from Glassdoor.

The professions on the list were compared by average annual base salary, career opportunities and number of job openings. The results represent job titles that rate highly among all three categories.

The study revealed that there are 2,965 jobs available for marketers, the average base salary is £46,561 and career opportunities are rated at 3.6 out of five.

Finance manager and mechanical engineer scored second and third place.

Below is the complete list:

1. Marketing manager

2. Finance manager

3. Mechanical engineer

4. Sales manager

5. Business analyst

6. IT manager

7. Civil engineer 

8. Product manager

10. Lawyer

11. HR manager

12. Business development manager

13. Internal audit manager 

14. Solutions architect

15. Network engineer

16. Investment analyst

17. Operations manager

18. Recruiter

19. Brand manager

20. Office manager

21. Executive assistant

22. Accountant 

23. Sales engineer 

24. UX designer

25. Trader