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NEWS: Marketing teams run brands' social media

Seventy-five per cent of brands' social media channels are run by the marketing team, according to newly published Social Media Benchmarking Report.

Meanwhile, 27 per cent of brands said ‘experts within the company’ run the social accounts and 21 per cent said senior management.

Only eight per cent of marketers said their sales team posts on social media and 10 per cent said junior staff or an intern post on their social channels.

Commenting on the findings, Gemma Huckle, research and reports editor at B2B Marketing, said: "It's good to see marketing's overwhelming contribution to social - not only does this signify considerable commitment, it also highlights that they are taking control of integrating and aligning this channel with wider marketing initiatives. It's imperative that marketers work closely with experts, sales and senior management to drive deeper message alignment in the social sphere."