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NEWS: Marketo announces product updates

Marketing automation provider Marketo has announced a string of product updates to allow marketers to deliver a consistent message to customers across digital channels.

Announced by the company’s CEO Phil Fernandez at Marketo’s annual Summit held in San Francisco, the updates include new digital and mobile capabilities for the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform. These updates will allow marketers to use a single solution rather than a series of technologies to carry out campaigns across digital.

The brand has launched Mobile Engagement, a tool to create and deliver mobile experiences from a single platform. The solution reveals customer behaviour across web, social, email and ad channels on mobile. The tool triggers communications across all other digital channels based on behaviours it detects in the mobile environment. The tool aims to help marketers bridge the gap between mobile and other marketing channels.

Fernandez commented: "Marketing should not live in silos – it's imperative that brands connect with their customers with the right message wherever they are.

"Marketo's ability to drive simple yet powerful innovation puts us in a prime position to deliver a true marketing platform that transcends channels. We are ushering in a new era of marketing that is all about engagement everywhere."