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NEWS: Microsoft launches MSN (BETA) with new opportunities for brands

Microsoft has announced the launch of MSN (BETA) 'web experience' with new opportunities for brand storytelling across all touch points.

The new MSN combines premium content from the world’s leading media outlets with personal productivity tools, including flight statuses, savings calculators and integrations with outlook, Facebook and Twitter.

The redesign includes a  ‘Me Stripe’ at the top of the web page, this integrates both Microsoft and popular third-party platforms that people use both in and out of work.

MSN has partnered with over 1,000 sources, such as the Guardian, The Independent, Sky News and the Telegraph in the UK, the New York Times in the U.S., The Yomiuri Shimbun and The Asahi Shimbun in Japan NDTV and Hindustan Times in India. This willl give users a new perspective, informed by global and local publishers across the world.

Benefits for advertisers include improved access to the MSN audience of 425 million visitors worldwide each month and increased engagement with users via immersive ad offerings, such as mobile apps on Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Brands can still purchase ads through IAB standard units available on previous versions of MSN.

Meanwhile, in the coming months Microsoft will release a suite of MSN apps (previously Bing Apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone) across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.  

Steve Lynas, regional director at MSN, said “While content is at MSN’s core, Microsoft’s DNA is about empowerment. The new MSN marries the two, bringing together deep content from over 1,000 premium publishers together with experiences that help people live fuller lives regardless of which device they choose.

“We’ve completely reimagined the experience to embrace this opportunity. And because it’s a single platform, once you personalise to your lifestyle and interests you get the same experience everywhere seamlessly – no matter what devices make sense for your life.”