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NEWS: Mobile ad spending set to topple TV

Mobile ad spend is set to 'overtake television and print', according to research by eMarketer.

Mobile will make up 20 per cent of overall media ad spending by the end of 2015, with TV accounting for 25.4 per cent and print 16.4 per cent.

Mobile's share is expected to rise to 25.5 per cent by 2016, with TV dropping to 24.8 per cent.

Mobile ad spending has enjoyed a 45 per cent rise this year, with overall costs totalling £3.26 billion, and is expected to rise another 35 per cent next year to £4.4 billion.

Digitally, it accounts for 40 per cent of UK ad spending, having experienced a 12 per cent growth since last year.

By 2019, mobile is projected to control a staggering 39.5 per cent of UK media ad spending, while TV will continue to decline to 22.3 per cent.