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NEWS: Mobile commerce the future of B2B selling

Mobile commerce appears to be the future of B2B selling for a whopping 78 per cent of companies, according to a new infographic by Usablenet.

Currently about half of B2B vendors sell via mobile, while three in four plan to offer mobile commerce by the end of this year, with 42.8 per cent of organisations planning on increasing their spend on mobile marketing.

The research showed that 56 per cent of B2B customers read reviews on mobile, 55 per cent read product information and 50 per cent compare features.

Sixty-one per cent of B2B users watch mobile videos relating to work on their smartphone while 57 per cent access work-related mobile content outside business hours.

Despite, 43 per cent of respondents admitting tablets would significantly improve salespeople’s adoption of marketing messages and sales tools, 83 per cent have not yet deployed tablets and have no plans to implement them for sales enablement.

Things are looking bright when it comes to B2B mobile commerce, 57 per cent of vendors said they are shifting their B2B commerce transactions from offline to online and self-service and 44 per cent agreed ‘B2B commerce is adopting B2C best practices in order to optimise the purchasing experience’. As a result up to 75 per cent of B2B companies will offer mobile commerce in 2014.

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