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NEWS: Mobile usage growth ‘slowing considerably’

The growth rates of average time spent on mobile is set to substantially decline over the next three years, according to a recent forecast from eMarketer.

The report indicates that non-voice usage on mobile in the USA will only grow 11.3 per cent this year, with average time spent rising to two hours 54 minutes per day.

This comes after unparalleled growth during 2011 (96.8 per cent) and 2012 (90.9 per cent).

The next two years will see usage growth rates stagnate even further, with only a 7.9 per cent rise in 2016 and a mere 3.1 per cent increase in 2017.

The forecast suggests the dwindling figures are largely due to the fact that the majority of American adults already own a digital device.

Since 2011, usage rates have steadily declined over most digital channels, with other platforms such as radio, TV and print also predicted to suffer further drops.

Monica Peart, forecasting director at eMarketer, commented: “As the data shows, a large majority of American adults are already using mobile devices. This means there will be fewer new smartphone and tablet users added each year.

“Also, the number of activities currently possible on mobile devices limits the amount of time a user can spend per day. For these reasons, growth in the amount of time spent on mobile devices will slow down significantly.”