NEWS: More than half of marketing professionals lack key skills

Fifty-two per cent of UK professionals working in the marketing and PR industries feel their job role requires them to posses certain skills or knowledge that they don’t have, a new study by Optimus Performance Marketing has discovered. 

Seventy-one per cent of respondents confessed that they were wary of asking their boss for additional help or training within working hours.

One in five respondents plan to enrol a digital marketing course during the remainder of 2015, either online, at a local collage or university. Sixty-seven per cent said this was to increase their earning potential, while 32 per cent hope to leave their current job role after completing the course.

Mark Russell, CEO of Optimus Performance Marketing, commented: “The fact that so many individuals currently working within the marketing and PR industry want to expand on their skill-set is, in my opinion, only a good sign. Perhaps they are looking to move on and experience a careers in a new sector of the industry, or maybe they just want to brush up on their knowledge of an ever-changing industry after many years away from the classroom.”