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NEWS: More than half of UK emails opened on Apple devices

Fifty-four per cent of all emails in the UK are opened on Apple devices, according to data from SendGrid.

Total opens on iPads and iPhones increased by 18 per cent and five per cent respectively year-on-year.

The use of Android devices has dropped by 30 per cent compared to last year, with just eight per cent of emails now opened of these devices.

Meanwhile, 68 per cent less emails are being opened on Nokia devices compared to the same period in 2014.

Blackberry shows a steady increase of 20 per cent, perhaps due to the security offered by its email platform.

Aaron Beach, senior data scientist of SendGrid, commented: “The variety of devices people use for email tells us a lot about how different platforms are performing across the UK. While people might own a number of devices it seems that Apple is still the firm favourite, as their recent results show. Android was the surprise this year showing a marked drop on 2014, perhaps reflecting the problems of handset makers such as Samsung.”