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NEWS: Most valuable global brands of 2015 revealed

Apple is the most valuable brand in the world with a value of $170.276 billion, according to Interband's annual Best Global Brands report 2015.

The tech giant has retained the number one spot for the third year running, experiencing brand value growth of 43 per cent.

Google finished in second position for the third year in a row also, its brand value increasing by 12 per cent to $120.314 billion.

Other notable B2B inclusions in the top ten include Microsoft at number four (11 per cent growth), IBM at five and General Electric in eighth: although the latter two suffered a ten per cent and seven per cent brand value decline respectively.

The report revealed that technology companies make up a third of the top 100, featuring B2B brands such as Cisco (15th), Oracle (16th) and SAP (26th).

Facebook enjoyed the most significant rise, experiencing a 54 per cent brand value growth, closely followed by Apple and Amazon (+29 per cent). 

B2B brands are represented fairly consistently across the board, with many other companies in the top ten – such as Toyota, Samsung and Amazon – also possessing B2B arms.

Jez Frampton, global CEO at Interband, commented: “The Best Global Brands report examines what it takes for brands to succeed in today’s hyper-fragmented world. As people demand immediate, personalised and tailored experiences, business and brands need to move at the speed of life.

“Many of the brands in this year’s top 100 are so intuitively aligned with people’s priorities, that they are able to seamlessly integrate into their everyday lives.”

For the full list of global brands click the table below.