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NEWS: Nimble Storage launches social media personas to engage IT buyers

Nimble Storage has launched the ‘Adaptive flash challenge’ to promote its flash platform to IT leaders.

The campaign centres on two social media personas ‘Mary’ and ‘Harry’. Mary is a ‘global director for a global 500 organisation’ that is successfully deploying the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform. Meanwhile, Harry is an ‘IT director at a global financial services firm’ who is struggling with his big legacy vendor. Their Twitter feeds highlight Mary’s highs and Harry’s lows when it comes to business technology solutions.

The personas urge IT buyers to evaluate Nimble as an option for their flash storage. If buyers choose to evaluate the Nimble package they will receive a gift pack, including an Apple Watch.

The activity is supported by paid online display advertising, email, direct marketing, syndicated media, paid search and social media.

The global integrated marketing campaign aims to establish brand awareness among its primary audience of functional IT buyers, while driving engagement and conversions that will result in pipeline and revenue.

To date the campaign has generated over 200 leads, engaged more than 55 new customers and the storage company is in the process of completing 10 new deals.

Michael Hakkert, VP corporate marketing at Nimble Storage, said: “As this campaign has only just launched, we are working to develop the next chapter of the story and in the interim we’re working to build the Mary and Harry profiles by following key subject matter experts in the storage industry and also gaining a following by posting about their contrasting experiences. We plan to run this campaign and the personas through our FY16 fiscal year and potentially beyond so we’re really just at the beginning, stay tuned for the next chapter.”