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NEWS: Number of emails read on iPhones doubles

The number of emails read on iPhones has doubled in the last year, new data from SendGrid has shown.

Meanwhile, the number of emails opened on Android devices increased by 40 per cent from 2013 to 2014, while the figure for Windows devices only grew by one per cent.

The number of emails opened on iPads increased by 128 per cent, with a 600 per cent increase in Newcastle which may have swung the results. So excluding this 600 per cent rise, the average increase in emails opened on iPads in major cities is 69 per cent.

Aaron Beach, senior data scientist of SendGrid, commented:  “The variety of devices people use for email tells us a lot about how different platforms are performing across the UK and Ireland. For businesses in the region, it’s worth being mindful of these regional disparities when marketing products so they can tap into local tastes.” 

These findings were based on more than eight billion emails sent by more than 125,000 companies, collected over two 10-day periods in August 2013 and August 2014.