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NEWS: ODEON Cinemas launches e-vouchers for corporate market

Odeon Cinemas has added ‘print-at-home’ e-vouchers to its range of cinema vouchers for the B2B sector.

With the new e-vouchers, ODEON hopes to increase demand from its corporate audience. The scheme has been developed by specialist marketing services agency Opia.

Odeon has also opened a digital portal where corporate clients can purchase the new e-voucher along with its other vouchers.

Shireen Alvis, head of sales for ODEON Cinemas, said: “We are seeing increased demand for bulk vouchers for use as business-to-business gifts, incentives, for use within employee benefits and as rewards for staff motivation.”

"E-vouchers are going to make it so much easier and more cost-effective for companies to give clients and staff the gift of a great film experience,” adds Andy Stone, account director at Opia.