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NEWS: Only one out of four B2B businesses have a formal digital strategy

Only one out of four B2B businesses have a formal digital strategy despite it having a direct impact on communications effectiveness and ROI accuracy, research by OmobonoThe Marketing Society and Circle Research has revealed.

Professionals without a digital strategy agreed that their company’s communications aren’t effective (89 per cent), while they had little confidence in ROI accuracy (11 per cent).

The Recipe for Digital Success in B2B reveals that 88 per cent of marketers think they should lead on digital strategy, with just 23 per cent disagreeing.

While all departments are utilising established digital channels, including websites, email and online advertising, the marketing department is leading the way on newer channels. For example, 70 per cent of marketing departments now use social, while only 33 per cent of other departments use this channel.

However, while marketers lead the way when it comes to digital they are unsure of its effectiveness. Sixty-seven per cent rank mobile as ‘important/crucial’ but only 23 per cent use it.

The research showed the importance of an integrated digital a strategy. This integrated approach to digital can be made possible by ‘everyone understanding the importance of digital’ (selected by 58 per cent of respondents), followed by ‘support from leadership’ (53 per cent) and ‘willingness to co-operate’ (34 per cent).