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NEWS: Pay-per-click advertising receives unexpected praise

Marketers are becoming increasingly pleased with their implementation of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, according to research from Hanapin Marketing.

The study revealed 78 per cent of US marketers measured success from PPC as 'very good', with only two per cent describing it as ‘poor’, and the remaining 20 per cent of respondents saying it was ‘fair’.

In addition, when asked to compare PPC success to last year, 60 per cent of marketers said it was better, while 30 per cent stated it had remained the same, and only 10 per cent said it had worsened.

In addition, PPC budgets are set to rise, with just under half of respondents intending to allocate more spending to AdWords in the next 12 months.PPC is often criticised in marketing as ineffective and over expensive, but these findings indicate it could be enjoying a resurgence in appreciation and popularity.

The research also revealed marketers’ most valued PPC channels, with text ads (90 per cent), remarketing ads (80 per cent) and mobile ads (71 per cent) cited as most important.

Hanapin Marketing commented: “The vast majority of businesses feel their PPC efforts have been successful over the past year. Advancements in the industry have helped improve the momentum year-on-year and marketers are feeling upbeat about the direction PPC is heading.

“As advertisers increase their budgets and explore market expansion opportunities, the PPC industry will continue to grow in 2016.”