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NEWS: Predictive analytics the most sought-after marketing skill

Knowledge of analytics is the most in-demand marketing skill, according to research from Forbes Insight.

Sixty-eight per cent of marketing executives gave analytics and predictive analytics either a four or five rating of importance, with five meaning the skill is ‘extremely important’.

The next most valued skills were digital content development and management (63 per cent), marketing operations (61 per cent) and digital channel management/demand generation (60 per cent).

The demand for skills in predictive analytics is reflected in the support and training offered to employees.

According to the study, 71 per cent of employers offer on-site training and education, with a further 61 per cent encouraging coaching and mentoring.

Forbes Insights commented: “Organisations need highly skilled professionals, versed in everything from data science to content development, to make their analytics efforts work.

“A majority of organisations have rolled out internal training programmes that will help develop such skills.”