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NEWS: ‘Procurement’ present in only 12% of purchases

It appears the dreaded procurement department isn’t present in as many major B2B buying decisions as you might have thought. 

Research from this year’s Buyersphere Report reveals that a dedicated procurement function is only present in 12 per cent of B2B purchases.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t people making sure everything stacks up and that value for money is being secured, but it does mean that marketers are more frequently than not addressing an audience that will have a day-to-day understanding of the problems their solutions are addressing.

The Buyersphere 2015 paints a very detailed picture of the famously complicated decision-making units asscociated with B2B buying decisions.

This year’s report throws the spotlight on B2B buyers; highlighting the straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth insight B2B marketers need in order to deliver customer-centric campaigns and messaging.

This year 200 UK-based business buyers with budgetary sign-off for business purchases worth in excess of £20,000 were surveyed. The final report, with a detailed analysis written by Base One’s John Bottom, is available for download now.