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NEWS: Publishers reveal most significant threats in digital sector

Ad-blocking is the biggest danger in the digital sector, according to research by The Association of Online Publishers (AOP).

When questioned about industry challenges, 65 per cent of respondent publishers cited ad-blocking tools as a threat to their publishing business model, with one in five describing it as ‘the most significant problem’.

Other concerns included ad fraud (35 per cent) and the rise of brands and agencies as content creators (35 per cent).

However, brands remain optimistic about digital growth, with 85 per cent recognising the importance of content marketing and 81 per cent viewing smartphones and apps as ‘key prospects for growth.’

Tim Cain, MD at AOP, said: “The 2015 Content and Trends Census highlights an optimistic outlook within the digital publishing industry with opportunities for investment and growth.

“We need to work together to support premium publishers to combat identified threats, particularly ad-blocking, given that the majority of publishers rely on ad revenue to provide free access to quality content.”