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NEWS: Retargeting on the rise, but concerns over transparency remain

While retargeting in marketing is on the rise, marketers have key concerns when it comes to transparency, according to new research by Marin Software.

Eighty-eight per cent of marketers use retargeting in their advertising, and more than half said they would be increasing their retargeting budgets in 2015. 

However, marketers have key concerns with transparency including view-ability (38 per cent), click fraud (37 per cent) and ‘black’ box’ campaign optimization (34 per cent).

Currently, the top channels used by marketers in retargeting are display (81 per cent), display (77 per cent) and social (48 per cent). 

Google ranks as the most common retargeting channel with 89 per cent of those surveyed leveraging either the Google Display Network (GDN), Google remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) or a combination of the two.

Despite the number of brands using retargeting increasing, this form of advertising makes up a small proportion of marketing budgets with 51 per cent of the respondents saying retargeting makes up less than 10 per cent of their monthly marketing budgets.

Brad Flora, senior director of product management at Marin Software, commented on the findings: "Retargeting is emerging as a central part in the marketing mix, and advertisers are hungry for the same type of control over the channel that they are used to with search and social marketing."