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NEWS: Royal Mail MarketReach launches new business campaign

Royal Mail MarketReach has launched a new campaign targeting businesses. Supported by the brand’s research, the activity aims to highlight the value of mail working in conjunction with digital. 

Working with direct and digital agency Publicis Chemistry, the campaign presents a case for businesses to use both mail and email when communicating with customers.

The first stage of the campaign includes a colourful, eye-catching infographic which hopes to promote the medium of mail for businesses and the Royal Mail brand.

The campaign targets new, lapsed and existing Royal Mail customers, who spend a minimum of £200,000 a year on media. It will also targerts influencers such as creative and media agencies, print, production, mailing houses and the marketing press.

The content is backed up by research commissioned by Royal Mail MarketReach which revealed customers are urging brands to use both mail and email to communicate with them.

Although it is unclear how many of those surveyed were businesses buyers, the findings show mail creates stronger emotional engagement between sender and recipient. The majority of people surveyed said mail grabs their attention, gives a better impression of the company and makes them feel more valued. Meanwhile emails are considered good for follow-up and easy to file.

Jonathan Harman, managing director of Royal Mail MarketReach, said: “Our research shows that mail has a vital role to play in the today's digital world and it continues to be a powerful weapon in the marketer’s armoury.

“Email has advantages, not least its speed, but consumers are clear that mail and email have different qualities which make each suited to different types of communication."