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NEWS: Sales deals now closed outside the office

Sales professionals are ditching traditional methods of closing deals according to a study from Adobe.

Over the last two years 30 per cent more sales deals are being closed outside the office as workers become more mobile. 

Forty per cent of salespeople stated they use e-signatures to close deals on the move. File hosting services such as Dropbox are also popular tools to close deals, with over 40 per cent of respondents utilising them. The same percentage of sales professionals use web conferencing (40 per cent), while 36 per cent use mobile apps.

Meanwhile traditional methods, such as using the post to deliver contracts, are becoming less popular due to their unreliability. One in five salespeople lost out on a deal due to contracts lost in the post. Additionally, over 40 per cent never received the signed contract back from a deal they had agreed verbally.

Tamara Santiago, senior marketing manager at Adobe, said: “We’ve seen take-up of new technologies jump among sales teams in particular, owing to the huge benefits such tools can have on sales workflows. In fast-paced, target-driven sales environments, embracing such technology greatly eases the sales process and frees up time to chase new deals and revenue”