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NEWS: Seagate brings ‘data to life’ with new campaign

Data storage solutions provider Seagate has launched a new regional advertising campaign to support its recent rebranding efforts.

The campaign will target business leaders working in Silicon Valley using billboards, transit signage, local print, radio and digital advertising. This will be followed by a national media campaign in April.

The activity is built around the company’s January 2015 rebrand, where it created a  ‘Living Logo’. The logo, populated by content from Getty Images, showcases the vibrant nature of data and will be a major feature of the new media campaign.

Scott Horn, vice president of marketing at Seagate, commented: “Data plays a central role in everybody’s lives and this campaign is designed to highlight Seagate’s role in helping businesses create, protect and share their most valuable information.

“The Silicon Valley campaign is the first step in a larger program and is designed to raise awareness locally in one of our core markets to help redefine the relationships we have with our customers.”