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NEWS: Senior management has ‘negative impact’ on content quality

Senior managers are most guilty of denting content quality, according to research by Sticky Content.

A third of respondents claimed senior management had the most negative impact on quality of content.

Other culpable parties included product/technical managers (17.6 per cent) and legal/compliance staff (16.1 per cent).

The marketing team themselves carry little blame (6.2 per cent), along with designers (3.7 per cent) and the SEO team (3.3 per cent).

Commenting on the findings, Janice (Ginny) Redish, author of Letting go of the words – Writing web content that works, said: “It's sad to see that legal staff and senior management are still often roadblocks to clear and usable content. Content can be clear, usable, and also legally accurate and sufficient. Good content is a critical business asset.

“Implementing a content strategy should include short workshops to bring all stakeholders on board. A content strategy should include collaborative reviews where legal, business, and customer needs can be negotiated together.”