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NEWS: SMEs to save with mail rate change

Pitney Bowes are educating small-medium businesses (SMBs) on the impending metered mail rate change due to come into effect on 31 March which will have a significant impact on all UK meter users. This follows previous research by the company which revealed two-thirds of British SMBs have previously been confused about postal rate changes.   

The upcoming rate change will affect both first and second class mail. Metered mail will have a price that is 12 pence lower for standard first class letters and 16 pence lower for second class letters.

Meanwhile, the Royal Mail is also introducing Mailmark, which will provide further benefits. Mailmark users will save 13 pence on standard first class and 18 pence on second class letters compared with stamps – meaning that businesses sending as few as 100 first class letters per month will save £156 per year and £216 on second class mail. 

As a result, mail will look different following this rate change. Clients using the new Mailmark tariff will print a 2D barcode instead of a traditional frank, which will also include the delivered by Royal Mail logo.

Colin Forrest, head of marketing for UK and ROI at Pitney Bowes, said: “For those businesses that still haven’t switched over to franking, now is the time to do so. For all SMEs sending physical mail, rate change is different every year and we want to ensure we are working with them to help them navigate around these very important changes. With the Royal Mail’s introduction of Mailmark, there is a real opportunity for businesses to make all-important savings.”