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NEWS: Social media is significant but activity remains ad hoc

B2B Marketing’s fourth annual Social Media Benchmarking Report has revealed that social media has become a significant part of the marketing mix, however activity remains ad hoc.

Forty per cent of the 105 B2B marketers surveyed said social is an ‘important’ part of their marketing activity, and a further 16 per cent said it was ‘critical’.

Yet, despite its significance, 56 per cent of professionals lack a formal strategy or objectives, while 42 per cent have a strategy in place and two per cent even admitted they didn’t know if they had a strategy or not.

Jessica McGreal, digital content manager at B2B marketing and author of the report, commented: “By relying on ad hoc activity marketers risk wasting their time and resources by sending out ‘batch-and-blast’ social updates without any real purpose. 

“It’s vital marketers complete social audits, create a strategy, content calendars and campaign plans to add structure to their efforts and ensure their social marketing reaches key goals.”

The 2015 Social Media Benchmarking Report has been published as part of 'Social September' a month-long campaign putting social media in the spotlight. We will be sharing further research, best practice advice, Twitter chats and more. To get involved tweet @marketingb2b with the hashtag #SocialSep.