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NEWS: ‘Standing out from the crowd’ main content challenge

B2B marketers are struggling to ensure their brand’s content stands out from the crowd, the 2014 Content Marketing Benchmarking Report has revealed.

A whopping 84 per cent of marketers agreed ‘standing out from the crowd’ was a main challenge.

To overcome this issue 42 per cent said their teams needed to produce ‘more relevant/commercially useful content’, 19 per cent said ‘using the right platform for the audience’ would overcome the problem and 13 per cent felt creating ‘original’, ‘tailored’ content would help. 

This may mean producing fewer pieces of content, focusing instead on larger projects tailored to prospects’ needs and pain points. 

Brendan Farnell, vice president – strategic accounts at Regalix, warned: “Marketers are still living in a world where feeding search engines with low quality and high quantity content is considered an SEO strategy. But search engines are getting smarter and so must marketers. 

“Search results from content ‘farms’ are now being pushed off from page one and Google is giving more value to original, educational content. Smart marketers should be thinking about high quality content, not living in fear of Google's next algorithm update.”