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NEWS: Twitter announces ‘Projecting Lightening'

Twitter has announced ‘Project Lightening’, a new feature that will allow users to follow live events in real-time.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, the social network revealed its plans to curate editorially driven content to report on the latest events. BuzzFeed reported: ‘Project Lightning will bring event-based curated content to the Twitter platform, complete with immersive and instant-load photos and videos and the ability to embed those experiences across the web — and even in other apps.’

The social network will cover up to 10 events a day, ranging from prearranged conferences to breaking news stories. The events will be chosen and managed by an inhouse editorial team, headed by Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter’s VP of global media. Updates will have to adhere to new guidelines. The focus will be on visual content rather than text updates.

Additionally, streams will be embeddable outside the site. This will allow Twitter further exposure to those who aren’t signed-up, while increasing traffic to the site.

Meanwhile, on its mobile app the feature will appear on the bottom home bar, each update will take up the entire screen, with users swiping to see the next piece of content.