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NEWS: Twitter launches new ad tool for SMEs

Twitter has launched 'Quick Promote’, a new advertising tool for SMEs.

Quick Promote allows businesses to get their best performing tweets in front of as many people and in as quick a time as possible.

Users then just need to log on to their ‘Tweet activity’ dashboard to see which tweets are most popular in terms of engagement and impressions. Select a tweet that is doing well, chose a budget and confirm their selection.

The social network will then retarget the tweet to users with similar interests to your followers.

Buster Benson, product manager, revenue, at Twitter said in a blog post: ‘Whether you’re Tweeting about a new product, promotion or blog post, Promoted Tweets can help you drive measurable business results. In fact, we found that users who see a relevant Promoted Tweet from an SMB are also 32 per cent more likely to visit that business.’