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NEWS: Twitter users can now receive direct messages from anyone

Twitter users can now choose to receive direct messages (DMs) from anyone.

Previously users had to follow one another to receive a DM, however the updated rules mean users can reply to anyone that sends a private message whether they follow that person or not.

To highlight the new rules the social network has revamped the DM button on profile pages on Andriod and iPhone (shown in the image below).

This change will make it easier for customers and businesses to interact privately on the platform, allowing B2B brands to build more personal connections with potential prospects.

Nhu Vuong, senior software engineer at Twitter, said in a blog post: ‘We hope these changes help you connect more easily – and directly – on Twitter with the people, causes and businesses you care about most. If you do receive a direct message from someone you don’t want to privately converse with, you can still take steps to stop them.’

The update is currently being rolled out to users across the globe.



Image via Twitter