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NEWS: UK ranked 43rd in video sharing poll

The United Kingdom is lagging behind when it comes to video sharing, according to a new global study by Coull.

The research revealed Indonesia shares the most video, more than three times greater than the global average. India was the second most sociable nation, followed by Greece, Thailand and Argentina. The US came in at number 19, while the UK appeared at number 43 in the global list.

However, the content being shared across the globe differed greatly. For example, in Indonesia content relating to style and fashion is the most shared. Whereas in India film trailers are the most-shared content and in the US it is news items.

Irfon Watkins, CEO at Coull, said: “Understanding these trends is critical to driving effective marketing campaigns. Too often, ad spend fails to consider the sharing potential of videos. However, if digital publishers track sharing patterns and measure how their audiences engage with content, this insight can be used to inform not just their own content strategy, but to connect brand advertisers with the type of video content that really resonates with their target market.”