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NEWS: UK SMEs lack mobile presence

More than half (65.8 per cent) of UK SMEs do not have a mobile presence, according to a new OnePoll survey commissioned by AppsBuilder.

This is a concern because the number of people in the UK using their mobile to access the internet has doubled in the last three years, with an average of five per cent of all retail sales completed via mobile.  

Only 18.4 per cent of SMEs will be adopting a mobile presence in the next 12 months, with 46 per cent of firms stating 'lack of technical knowledge' the main barrier. This was followed by 'cost of development' (36 per cent), while 35 per cent said they were 'unsure of the overall benefits'.

Of the 34.2 per cent SMEs who have implemented a mobile strategy, 44 per cent spent up to £10,000, 55 per cent spent between £10,000 and £100,000 and only one per cent spent over £100,000.