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NEWS: Vehicles urged to ‘quit smoking’

Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services is reinforcing the health message of No Smoking Day (12 March) by asking businesses to think about air pollution.

The activity calls on drivers and managers of company vehicles not only to give up smoking tobacco but to switch from smoke-emitting diesel to cleaner petrol-electric hybrid power.

With an estimated annual toll of 5000 premature deaths in the UK linked to combustion exhaust, Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services is championing the case for petrol hybrids – whose emissions contain no particulates, virtually no nitrogen oxides (NOx) and reduced levels of CO2. At the same time, the company is highlighting the fact petrol hybrids can save drivers and businesses thousands of pounds per vehicle on tax, fuel and whole life costs.

Neil Broad, general manager of Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services, said: “Our message is that you don’t need to be radical; instead you can quit smoking for good by choosing petrol hybrid over diesel. The right choice is a vehicle that minimises damage to lives, health and the environment. Thankfully, in the case of petrol hybrids, that choice also makes complete economic sense.”