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NEWS: Video makes brands stand out

'Video' is the top content type likely to make you stand out from competitors, according to new research from B2B Marketing and ITN Productions.

This is followed by 'blogs' and 'long term writing'.

The research also revealed that 'video' is the most likely content type resonate with B2B target audience.

Simon Baker, head of corporate  and creative video at ITN Productions, said: “A key finding from our survey was that video was seen as the most compelling content types to resonate with a B2B audience, that’s over and above events, blogs, direct mail and press adverts.

“The main objectives marketers see video suited towards are building a brand and engaging audiences, this shows the movement towards speaking to our B2B audiences in the same way that B2C marketers target theirs. We see this driving a trend towards breaking down traditional barriers between ‘types’ of audience, and looking more at engaging content that speaks to ‘people,’ no matter if it’s B2B or B2C.”