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NEWS: Video most successful content

Video is the most successful content to share over social channels, according to new research published by B2B Marketing.

Fifty-five per cent of marketers said video was ‘very effective’, followed by images (47 per cent) and contributions to conversations (40 per cent).

However, this is in contrast to what brands are sharing on social media. The most popular content to share on social is written copy, which is shared by 79 per cent of B2B companies, followed by images (69 per cent) and headlines (64 per cent).

Video came fourth on the list with only 63 per cent of brands sharing this type of content, despite deeming it the most effective.

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, commented on the findings: “The fact images and video resonate well on social platforms should come as a surprise to relatively few marketers. Indeed, most of the major social platforms have made functionality changes designed to encourage greater image sharing in recent times. This belief in imagery is also supported by recent research from Twitter, which suggested tweets containing images received, on average, 35 per cent more retweets than posts containing just text.”