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NEWS: Women earn less than men in digital sector

Men are paid nine per cent more than women in the digital sector, according to research from The Candidate.

This is only slightly less than the national pay gap average of 9.4 per cent.

Although certainly a step in the right direction, average salaries still tend to be lower for female employees, with 43 per cent of women in digital earning less than £20,000 compared to 24 per cent of men.

The study revealed that 80 per cent of top salary roles in digital are held by men, which is mainly due to a lack of female representation at board-level in the industry.

The Candidate said: “As the digital industry continues to grow, and more women hopefully take up careers in this and pave their way in more technical and managerial roles, we should see the salary landscape alter to take a more balanced view in terms of gender.

“Continued emphasis on closing the salary gap across businesses in all sectors should ensure this closes naturally.”