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NEWS: Women remain underrepresented at board-level in marketing

Men still dominate the marketing sector at boardroom level, according to a new report by Axonn.

The study, of 287 people, revealed that although gender balance is fairly equal in most other marketing roles, marketing directors are mainly men – just under 25 per cent of the respondents compared to only 13 per cent of female respondents.

In addition, male CEOs, MDs and owners make up over nine per cent of respondents, in comparison to two per cent of females.

In contrast, there are more women in management roles (31 per cent compared to 24 per cent of men) and assistants/executives (just under 20 per cent compared to 10 per cent for men).

Although gender equality in the marketing sector has progressed in recent years, according to the research women are still finding it difficult to infiltrate the boardroom.

Axonn commented: “The current situation isn’t doing anyone any favours. Gender inequality is weakening the marketing industry, with archaic ways resulting in missed opportunities for both individuals and employers.

“Companies need to look at their organisational hierarchy. Do women climb the ladder only to drop off or plateau at a certain level? If they are, is there a flaw in the system which is hampering their progress?”