News: YFM supports fast-growing disruptive global video agency Wooshii

Video content and software provider for blue-chip companies, Wooshii, has received investment from YFM Equity Partners to continue its growth.

Based in the UK and founded by CEO, Fergus Dyer-Smith, Wooshii aims to build out its sales and account management teams to enhance relationships with key customers.

The business was first backed by YFM in 2019 with a £3.6m investment, and this latest investment grows YFM’s stake in the firm and provides further growth capital for the company.

Wooshii offers clients the quality of a traditional production service with the additional benefits of a decentralised, global creative network, connected and enhanced by proprietary technology. This helps the business to provide clients with a video content management solution that scales with their needs, delivers international reach and makes video production faster and more transparent.

Fergus Dyer-Smith, CEO of Wooshii, said: “The massive growth in video production over the last ten years saw an even greater acceleration in 2020 as businesses worldwide turned to online marketing with video being recognised as one of the most powerful communication tools. With lots of companies wanting to grow their output, Wooshii offers the benefits of a global network of production agencies and freelancers, able to make videos anywhere in the world, combined with sophisticated technology to connect that network with us and our customers. In addition to creating content, we also have the expertise to manage the process of running video operations and even to help evaluate a company’s video assets and so help them make the most of their content.”

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