Only 37% of marketers highly rate contribution to business growth

Just 37 per cent of B2B marketers rate their department’s contribution to business growth at eight out of 10 or higher, according to B2B Marketing’s new High Performance B2B Marketing report.

The research, produced in association with Circle Research, revealed marketers in this category perform better across four key areas – customer, strategy, brand and measurement.

B2B marketing departments who are performing well across these four areas are also more likely to out-perform competitors and work in higher growth businesses.

Danielle Howe, reports editor at B2B Marketing, commented: “While a relatively small percentage of B2B marketers appear to be making significant contributions to their business’ growth, these high performers should provide others with the inspiration they need to succeed.

"But, as the sector evolves, there is little doubt we’ll see an increasing number of B2B marketing departments leading real growth and change within their companies.”

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