Only a third of companies approach tech investment strategically

Only a third of B2B companies approach tech investment in a strategic manner, according to research by B2B Marketing and Squiz.

The report, Who owns the Customer Journey?, asked marketers how they approach technological investment, with only 35 per cent of respondents stating investments are strategic and implemented in advance.

Over half (52 per cent) said investments are made as and when need arises, while the remaining 13 per cent admitted investments are made as infrequently as possible.

Marketing automation (MA) will experience the most investment over the 12 months, with 47 per cent of respondents planning to review/purchase MA.

CRM platforms (37 per cent), project management tools (30 per cent), and social media management platforms (29 per cent) were the next most popular areas for review/purchase this year.

Given how important good use of tech is to customer centricity, the lack of strategy in tech investment is a worrying sign.

Marketers need to spearhead the charge within their business by making sure their leaders know the tech they should be investing in to best deliver on business objectives.

Who owns the customer journey?

The full report Who owns the customer journey? is available to download for free to professional members, and can be purchased by non-members.