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Over a quarter of marketers don’t adapt content for foreign markets

Some 26% of B2B marketers are failing to adapt content for different markets, according to a new report from B2B Marketing and SDL.

The report, which explores the challenges of ‘going global’ from a content marketing perspective, also revealed that 23% describe the localisation of marketing campaigns as ‘neither important nor unimportant’.

These findings are underlined by the fact that 29% of respondents ‘strongly agree’ that they’d rather spend their time on campaign planning than content translation.

Jess Pike, head of content at B2B Marketing, said: “These findings are particularly concerning when we consider that they survey has found that 66% of respondents are operating across different European markets where 23 languages are currently being spoken.

“This disconnect is stark: on the one hand, marketers know full well that localising and translating content properly is crucial, but on the other, it’s not something they feel they have the time, resource or understanding to fully commit to.”

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