Premium video content benefits the brain, study reveals

Premium content is 16% more personally relevant or engaging than social feeds, according to a new study carried out by Teads and Neuro-Insight.

Teads and Neuro-Insight recruited 100 respondents, split into two cells groups, and fitted them with neuro-mapping caps to measure brain response.

Both groups were exposed to eight identical mobile video creatives on either their Facebook newsfeeds or outstream video ads from Teads that appeared across several of Teads’ premium publisher customers.

Through testing editorial articles from Teads’ premium publisher partners, including Time Inc. and Forbes, Teads discovered that premium editorial’s unique value lies in delivering greater effectiveness.

Some key findings showed that premium editorial delivers a deep experience with a powerful memory impact and allows for a broader range of ads to be effective.

The study also found that social feeds are slightly right-brain skewed while the right creative strategy can ultimately boost long-term memory.

Rebecca Mahony, CMO at Teads, said: “This study validates something Teads has felt strongly about for some time - that advertising within premium editorial is the most effective option for advertisers, hitting on a number of key performance metrics.

“Neuro studies are really pushing the envelope of what is possible when it comes to measuring how ads resonate with consumers and offer a unique opportunity to really drill down on the elements and context considerations surrounding advertising. We’re excited to see that results support the concept that premium editorial helps video ads rise to the top.”